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DishLoc 2.0 is up!

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This version has varying degrees of usability for various iPhone/iPod Touches.  The 3GS has everything of course, since its the only one with a built-in compass, and only a device with a camera can use the augmented reality view.  Its available here:

As promised, here’s some screenshots, and a bit of information on each:


This is somewhat similar to version 1.0  However, we’ve added a yellow star on the left side so you can indicate your favorite satellites.  If you click on the ‘Fav Sats’ button, you’ll toggle the view between showing only your favorite satellites, and showing all the satellites visible to you. (Meaning they should be above the horizon, depending on how flat an area you live in.)  Also new in 2.0 is the Search field.  This lets you search for any string shown in the satellite list. Ie ‘DirecTV’, ‘Bell’, ‘Dish Network’, etc.  Whichever satellites are shown in the view and selected as favorites are the satellites that will show up in the other views.


The maps view hasn’t changed much at all.  Only a few minor bug fixes.  You can still drag your little pointer around to fine tune your location, and it still shows line of site.  Not rocket science.


There are a number of improvements in the augmented reality view.  First of all, when no satellites are visible on the screen, a little arrow pops up letting you know in which direction to turn and/or point up to get to the closest (in terms of turning the iPhone) satellite.


Our second big feature is support for those of you without a built-in compass, or for those of you who don’t like the accuracy of the built-in compass.  Pressing the ‘Compass’ button toggles (if you have a built-in compass) the built-in compass on and off.  If the built-in compass is off, and you know the direction you’re looking, you can slide the directional indicator around with your finger.

Due to a customer request, we added the clarke belt display at the last minute, so we don’t have any pictures of it.  We personally don’t see the use (are you planning on launching your own satellite so you need to aim?) but we like to keep our customers happy. :)

Enjoy, everyone!

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